Why Boring Is Not Good ?

  • 5 hot jobs that you should apply.
  • The hot stuff a political party promises to do after elections.
  • 5 hottest policy changes that are going to change your life.
  • 5 hottest web series on Netflix right now.
  1. Warren Buffet-Investments in boring businesses.
  2. Lakshmi Mittal-Overturned distressed steel businesses across the globe.
  3. Jack Bogle- The pioneer of Vanguard Funds. A source for boring index fund investing.
  4. Jeff Bezos-Started with selling books.
  5. Peter Lynch-His famous line, “Buy boring businesses”.
  6. Jerry Sienfield- Writes one joke every single day.
  7. Usain Bolt-Trained 11 months a year, 6 days a week, for the 10 seconds that mattered.



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Rishon Patani

Rishon Patani

Value Investor and Mobile Game Developer