Into 2022

  • Got promoted at work which I honestly am not excited about.
  • Started running. From barely being able to run 1km to 10 km, that was honestly something I had never thought of doing.
  • Got out of shape towards the year and finally became sane enough to join the gym back. I realised that I truly enjoy working out and when you make up excuses like ‘home workouts are good enough’ or ‘just running is enough’, the mind does the extra work of cornering you further.
  • Travelled for about 2 weeks to a place that isn’t less than a dream — Spiti Valley. Plan to write on this in future articles. There’s a lot to contemplate after this trip.
  • Improved my investing game. Learnt a bit more about business, financials, and gathered conviction to put a major chunk of my bank balance in equities. There’s still a lot to learn here but more on this later.
  • Our ability to do things is infinite. It’s only are mind that limits us or tell us to give up. This is pretty much long distance running.
  • Second one is there is no substitute to hard work. Period.
  • Finding your calling is hard. Instead just leverage your current position to explore more. Use my job as a means to fund my interests, travel, investments.
  • Consume less and create more content.



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Rishon Patani

Rishon Patani

Value Investor and Mobile Game Developer